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Kindergarten Schedule September 2018
Hello and welcome Kindergarten families!

We are very excited to be seeing you and your child soon. Just a reminder that the Kindergarten schedule is gradual in our district.
Here are the hours for your planning:

Week 1:

Tuesday, September 4th:                 First day for grades 1-7 students: 11:00-1:20

Wednesday, September 5th                First day for Kindergarten students 8:45-9:45
Thursday, September 6th                 Kindergarten students attend 8:45-9:45
Friday, September 7th 8:45-9:45 Kindergarten students attend 8:45-9:45

*Our Kindergarten teachers, Ms. Perry and Ms. Kennedy would like to meet with each family. They will want to spend time with each of you to learn more about your child. Please see the sign up sheet that will be posted in the hall outside the classroom.

Week 2:

Monday, September 10th                  Kindergarten students attend 8:45-11:45
Tuesday, September 11th                 Kindergarten students attend 8:45-11:45         
Wednesday, September 12th               Kindergarten students attend 8:45-11:45
Thursday, September 13th                Kindergarten students attend 8:45-11:45
Friday, September 14th                  Kindegarten students attend 8:45-11:45

*Parent/guardian meetings with our teachers may continue this week.

Week 3
Starting Monday, September 17th, Kindergarten students will be at the full day schedule of 8:45-2:41