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Directory of Teachers and Teacher Websites
Staff  Name
Division (Grade)
email address (
Mr. Lussier
Div. 1
Mr. Andrew Stott
Div. 2
Mr. Kerr
Div. 3

Div 4
Ms. Thomson
Div. 5
Ms. McGullivray/Ms. Taggart
Div 6
Ms. Fitchett/Ms. Hibberd
Div. 7
Ms. Dalgleish
Div. 8
Mrs Bisbee
Div. 9

Ms. Kennedy/ Ms. Schober
Div. 10
Mrs Perry/Mrs Hrkac
Div. 11
Ms. James
Support Services Teacher
Ms. Taggart
Mr. Razzo
Ms. Emily Davies
Aboriginal Education Teacher
Ms. Marie Lewis
StrongStart Facilitator
Ms. Stacia Leech
Assistant Community School Coordinator
Ms. Sheila Wilson
Community School Coordinator
Ms. Trudy Baba
Adminstrative Assistant
Ms. Marsha Smith
Educational Assistant
Ms. Yvonne Mounsey
Educational Assistant
Ms. Jane Troup
Educational Assistant
Ms. Sara Schutz
Educational  Assistant
Ms. Marilyn Jares
Library Assistant

Last Modified: Aug 19, 2018