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Student Conduct
At Roberts Creek Elementary School, student conduct is guided by our Key Words:


Code of conduct RCCES


To establish and maintain a safe, and for some students, a healing environment.
To provide a consistent, just process and structure with-in which all students can learn.
To enable our students to be respectful, caring and cooperative, to give their best effort and to be safe.
To clarify expectations for student behaviour at school, going to anf from school, and while attending any school related off campus school activities

The Code of Conduct clarifies expectations for student behaviour while at school, while going to and from school, and while attending any school function or any activity at any location.

Under The BC Human Rights Code people are protected from discrimination (including written statements and drawings), denial of services or access by virtue of their race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age (applies to persons 19 to 64 years of age)

Conduct Expectations
There are five key words that guide our actions, interactions, and choices at RCCES

Respect for self, others, and for the environment
Caring          for self, others, and the environment
Cooperation     with others - staff, parents, guests, each other
Effort          means giving and doing our best
Safety          both physical and emotional for self and others

Unacceptable behaviour:

This includes behaviour that is disrepectful, uncaring, uncoorperative, and unsafe. In general, behaviour that interferes with the learning of others, or causes emotional or physical threat is unacceptable.

In particular, the following behaviours will not be tolerated:

Bullying, harassment, or intimidation
Violence or physical aggression
Possession or illegal use of substances
Retibution against a person who has reported an incident

Rising expectations:
As our students become older and more mature our expectations of them change. We expect increased personal responsibility and self discipline with increased age.

Our goal in discipline is to strengthen students and teach them to view a problem or mistake as an opportunity to learn a better way. Our staff is committed to using the strategies and principles of “Restitution.” We respond to difficulties using the following guiding principles:

Discplinary action will be preventative and restorative whenever possible rather than punitive
Consquences will depend on the severity and frequency of the behaviour as well as the age and maturity of the student
Consistent and fair responses to misbehaviour are a priority
As often as possible students will be involved in problem solving discussions with other students and staff members in order to fix their mistakes with others and restore their sense of self.
Certain behaviours such as bullying, harassment, intimidation, violence, defiance, and illegal activities are totally unacceptable at RCCES.

In serious cases of misconduct, the school will notify parents. School district officials, the police and other agencies may be informed and involved where appropriate.

Cell phones/devices
Cell phones and other devices are asked to be "off and away during the school day." This includes before and after school while on school property. Teachers may grant permission for personal devices to be used when supervised for learning purpposes only.

Last Modified: Aug 19, 2018